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Available in different levels, this puzzle series is ideal for children aged 1 - 6+ years. Designed for different ages and experience levels, these bright and attractive illustrated puzzles help to stimulate children's minds as they work at putting the pieces together. These enjoyable puzzles also assist with developing children's fine motor skills, problem solving and teaches them about shapes and patterns.


TOI 6in1 Calendar Clock Board Puzzle Wood Kids 3+ Years Kindergarten Teach Aids Early Education Parent-child Cognitive Toy Gift

1. Six-in-one calendar clock teaching aid.
2. Super functional cognitive board: time, date, calendar, week, weather, season.
3. Vivid and lovely cartoon images and stories make children's learning and cognitive time not boring.
4. Each slider can be adjusted tightly and has an anti-wear patch to protect the bottom plate, which is durable and playable.
5. The clock can be hung and placed.
6. The clock board has no burrs and does not hurt hands.
7. Water-based paint, safe and non-toxic, does not fade.
8. An important teaching aid for families and kindergartens. Every child should have a six-in-one calendar clock board to cultivate children's time awareness.


TOI Puzzle Magnetic Box  Suitable For Age 3+ Baby Gift Baby Toy Kids Toy

Choose from a variety of magnetic boxes, magnetic puzzles, creative combinations of scenes, letters, shapes and color cognition, many designs available and develop the kid's concentration, imagination and creativity. Magical magnetic design, you can also play on the refrigerator, drawing board, door and other places. Innovative and elegant box design, the interface is easily absorbed by magnets, better storage, and not easy to lose the magnetic parts


Toi Enlightenment Interactive Puzzle Numerals/ Children's Educational Toys .

1. Numerals 55 Pcs - Age 3+

2. Alphabet 50 Pcs - Age 4+

3. Season Clock 109 Pcs - 5+

These puzzle are interactive and the shapes are interesting. The numbers are also magnetic, so they can be placed in the refrigerator or other places that can be magnetized and can also be played separately by children, for example letters for spelling For the season clock the shape is round and in the middle there is a wheel and numbers to teach children about seasons and clocks.


Dragon and Teenagers ( 154pcs)

Road rhapsody( 255pcs)

Unicorn( 88pcs)


TOI Puzzle Glow In The Dark Animal Traffic /Monster Planet (96 Pieces) Suitable For Age 3+ Baby Puzzle Baby Gift Baby Toy Jigsaw


With shaped small particles, it is a magical luminous doll. Primary white cardboard material, quality guaranteed New design glow in the dark puzzle, 1 puzzle but 2 visual effects. Kids can enjoy the different fun during the day and night. Just put the puzzle in the light for 1 minute, and then put it in the dark place to enjoy the night magic effect.


TOI Puzzle Dog's / Cat's Family Puzzle (200 Pcs) Suitable For Age 3+ Early Learning Gift Children Toy

Enrich the theme scenes and open the door to imagination

A game turns popular science into knowledge and fun Rich magnet particles, various shapes and scenes


TOI Puuzle My First Puzzles Traffic ( 42 Pieces ) /Shape & Construction Vehicle ( 52 Pieces )/Farm Animals ( 39 Pieces)/ DInosaur ( 49 Peice) /Wild animals ( 32 Pieces) /Digital enlightenment1&2 Suitable For Age 2+ Gift Children Toy

This is the perfect first puzzle for kids. The game has 6 topics, with 6-7 different images for each topic. The 3D plugs design is friendly for kids to think. The edges are round and safe. The thickened original white cards are easy for kids to grasp The puzzles are double sided and the number of pieces is increased step by step. The game is easy to play for kids, so they can get continuous growth in the challenges. Kids could also promote their cognition and exercise their thinking ability


Whats Inside:

- Chess Pieces with two sided (32)

- The Animals Chess Pieces with two sided (16)

- Black and White Pieces with two sided (40)

- Dice (1)

 - 4 Game Card double sided

- Instruction Manual (1)

Whats game you can play?

- Five in A Row

- Flip Logic

- International Chess -


- Goose Game

- Flying Game

- Nine Men's Morris

- Snake and Ladders

- The Animals

- Black and White Chess

- Classic Dual Draughts

- Chinese Chess


TOI Boardgame Sudoku Game Jungle Band Logic Suitable For Age 3+ Baby Gift Baby Toy Kids Toy

Sudoku games, designed for children of all ages, cleverly converting numbers into three themed scenes of tropical fish, animal apartment and three-dimensional parking lot, making it easy for kids to play Sudoku! Double-sided magnetic particles, with advanced card cards, progressive levels of difficulty, so that children's logical thinking ability can be gradually improved. This is a Sudoku game for younger kids, combined with the cute animal apartment theme; through finding the missing small animals in each room. 70 questions, with the increased difficulty form 3 squares to 4 squares, also equipped with reward stickers. It cultivates the kid's logical thinking ability from an early age. The famous music band"the lodges",is coming to the jungle to hold their concert!The animals are so excited,they are having shows one after amother,and the audiences are getting even more! But it really worries the band!How should they arrange the performers with so many concerts?

The Focus Of This Educational Toy:

Observation:Through observing the known patterns,fill in the spaces with suitable patterns to exercise observation and thinking.

Concentration: If you want to fill in the unknown spaces,you must observe the known patterns carefully,which can exercise concentration and memory.

Reactivity:Make notes of playingtime of each try and improve reactivity gradually.

Logicality:The thinking between the known animals and unknown blanks can enlighten logical thinking.


TOI Board Game Find It Out Suitable For Age 3+ Birthday Present Family Toy Baby Gift Baby Toy

In the TOI kingdom far away,there is an old king who is always forgetful.there is an old king who is always gorgetful.Everyone in the kingdom,day or night,has to find his lost treasure for the forgetful old king.Especially at dark nights,in order to find the treasure,everyone must light au all the lights in the kingdom and make the night as bright as the day.In the long run,everyone can't tell the difference between day and night,and life becomes a mess. Until one day,People find a small magical flashlight... Day and night, double-sided play, magical small flashlight to find, a big brain and eyesight competition.

Daytime: Match 3 patterns at the fastest speed among 180 patterns and mark them with a suction cup. The fastest player can get a small medal. Nighttime: Use the small flashlight to quickly find the three patterns on the card in the dark, and the fastest player gets a small medal. The focuses of this educational toy:

Observation:Enhance the observation and perception of the enviroment through the search for instructions,enlighten logical ability.

Concentration:Put in instructions and think of card checks,develop patience,concentration and memory.

Reactivity:Fine movement and hand-eye coordination,train balance and induction speed.

Sociality:Multiplayer games,exercise your child's interpersonal communication skills,stimulate emotional intelligence development.


 -1 Minute DIY painitng frame  (include 3M double-sided foam tape and transfer film and instruction books) 

- Made of imported basswood

-Laser cutting ( not injuring finger) 

- Every piece is unique shaped

-Dual themes : Mermaid / Little Planet 





TOI Boardgame Frank's Fish Shop Suitable For Age 2+ Player: 1-4 People Baby Gift Baby Toy Kids Toy

The Ginger Cat Frank opens a fish shop in TOI Town.Every morning,he drives his boat to fish on the sea.There are various aquatic products in the sea,such asstar-shaped starfish,diamond-shaped menta rays,fan-shaped shells...Frank puts the fish into four different creels(red,yellow,blue,and green)and then sent them to the fish shop. But one day, Frank got sick and the residents of the TOI town were very anxious.There was no fish to eat,what can they do?So please help Frank to go fishing and send the fish!To express his gratitude,Frank would send you some goleren coins and you can take them to buy the fish. The toy is thickened basswood, hand-polished, smooth and burr-free. This board game has a novel transformation of the fishing game: with a few simple steps, it is easier to build a fishing field to enter the game character, and children love it at the first sight. A special story about buying fish and selling fish makes the young kids subtly learn the basic concepts of financial quotient in the game, such as buying, selling, and price.

The focus of this game training:

1.Colour perception: players can recognize and categorize different colors during game.

2.Shape cognition:each kind of fish in the game corresponds to a geometric shape,which can enhance children's perception of geometric shape while they are fishing.

3.Computing power:players can determine how to buy the most fish by calculting the price of fish and the goldren coins they own,which helps enlighten their mathematical capacity in the game.

4.Small action training:fishing and coin-putting actions in the game can train the children's finger coordination ability and enhance their development of small actions.


-Little Penguin Slide Age 4+ 

game A: the little penguins in the south role ice park are building a giant slide to slide from the small igloo all the way to the ice cave! you can help the little penguins design the route of the slide so that the little penguins can slide into the ice caves smoothly

game B: the litt;e penguins in the south pole ice park are building a slide to slide from the igloo of their own color all the way to the ice cave contracted by themselves for fishing! can you help the little penguins design the routh of the slide so that the little penguins can slide into their own ice caves for fishing?


-My Little Suitcase Age 5+ 

game A: it's holiday, you are going to hang out with mom and dad and you are thinking about what to bring happily, the t-shirt for change, pants, socks and sneakers should be all in pack! when going out to play, the map cannot be missed! never forget to bottle to drink water form! the camera must also be brought, so pictures of beautiful scenery can be taken! the cute big yellow duck swimming ring must be brought for the water world! finally do not forget the favourite rabbit puppet that you hug to sleep every day! 'huh' finally everything has been packed into the suitcase, you are ready to go!

game B: ‘wow lala~ wow la la~'suddenly it is raining outside. you have to find the umbrella under the suitcase. but the suitcase is full. be careful searching for it, and don't lose the luggage in the suitcase. the rain is getting heavier and heavier. where is the umbrella? come and find it.

-The Little Toy House  Age 3+ 

Connect the spring dog end to end with particles , pay attention to avoid toy obstacles scattered in the toy house. 




3pcs set : bowl , plate and cup 

* Free gift : straw


- food grade platinum silicone

- can't be flip and unbreakable 

- Microwaved and refrigerated 

- high heat resistance



* Free 50 pcs icecream sticks

-Humanized small size

-Cute animal pattern

- Maternal baby grade platinum silicone

- Easily demold without oil

-Heat resistance to cold



- Maternal baby platinum silicone

-Not contain BPA 

-Easy demoulding 

-Breathable holes , convenient exhaust 

- One piece molding , easy to clean 



* Free storage box

- bottle grade PP 

- boiling disinfection 

- rounded spoon head 

- 360 degree random curve 



- Odorless

-High heat resistance 

- Food grade platinum silicone 

-36 degree golden linear ratio ( easy to grip) 

- Design of bottom clamp slot 

-SUS 304 recognized stainless steel 

-Matte handle ( Anti-slip) 


Beeshum Children's Feeding Dishes Silicone Plate for baby

** with Cover,Straw and Rice ball mold

1. Well Packed with Beeshum Brand Cardboard box.

2.Dishes with Beeshum Brand dust cover,high quality and image.

3.Various colours are chosen, bright colours are made by vulcanization process. The production process is safe and hygienic, and it is made of imported food-grade silica gel. Compared with other products of the same kind, it is safer and more environmentally friendly.

4. Use 100% food-grade silica gel material; The product is easy to carry, easy to clean and keep bright forever.

5. The silica gel material used is very elastic; the product has good flexibility, is not easy to change shape, and is very firm.

6. High temperature (low temperature) resistance, the highest heat resistance can reach 230 C (the lowest cold resistance can reach - 40 C);

7. It has a longer service life than other materials; it is resistant to oil pollution, corrosion and microwave radiation.